reglaze glasses

"My prescription has changed, but I want to keep the glasses I have now!"

If you've just had an eye exam and found that you prescription has changed, you don't necessarily need to get a new pair of glasses. We can reglaze your existing frames with your new prescription and send them back to you within 5 days.

Replace damaged lenses

If your lenses are damaged, you needn't buy a completely new pair of glasses to replace them. Simply tell us your existing prescription and send us your damaged glasses and we'll replace your lenses with new ones made to your existing prescription and have them back to you in under a week.

Step 1 Order your reglaze online

Select the option that matches your glasses from our reglaze page.

Step 2 Enter your new prescription

You can skip this if you're unsure and we will contact you to discuss your prescription.

Step 3 Send us your glasses.

Send your glasses to us at:

John Prebble Opticians
21 Belle Vale Shopping Centre
L25 2RG
Step 4 Wait!

We will reglaze your frames and get them back to you.

Single vision frames will usually be posted back to you on the same day we received them; bifocal and varifocal reglazes will take slightly longer, but will usually be posted back to you within a week. If you require varifocals please take a photo of yourself wearing the frame before posting so we can calculate you measurements.

*Please note unfortunately we can no longer offer a reglaze service to customers outside of the UK and we can no longer glaze Oakley sunglasses*

reglaze glasses