Accurate colour perception, clearer vision
The patented lens colour technology that goes into the new Crizal Graphite Green Transitions gives you more natural colour perception at a greater range of light levels than traditional tinted lenses, allowing you to see more clearly in all conditions.
More durable and clearer lenses
Resistant to smudges, scratches, water and dust, Crizal Transitions provide clearer vision for longer. Crizal Transitions also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reacting to light levels to give you clearer, safer vision indoors and out.
More responsive to changing conditions
Crizal Graphite Green Transitions also use Chromea 7 technology, a dye formula that allows transition lenses to react faster and more accurately to changing light conditions. Temperature affects the reaction time of transition lenses and this can cause transitions to react slowly at different temperatures. With Chromea 7 technology, Crizal Graphite Green Transitions will react quickly and accurately across all temperatures.
Try them for yourself

Crizal Graphite Green Transitions are available with all of our designer ophthalmic frames and our general frames. Check out some of our best sellers below or browse all of our designer ophthalmic frames.

The Graphite Green Transitions are also available with a standard hard coat in addition to the Crizal UV coat.