Blue Light Filter

What is blue light?

Blue light is the bright, shorter-wavelength light which is created by digital screens, such as computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Although there is no evidence to suggest it is harmful to your eyes, it can stimulate your brain to keep you awake longer and many people find that their eyes feel less strained when they use a blue light filter.

How can our Blue Block coating help you?

Our “Blue Block” coating is provided by Kodak. It is a high-quality lens which filters out blue light, reducing the stimulation to your eyes so you’re less likely to be kept awake. If you’re using a digital device for longer than six hours a day, or after dark, you may find that the blue block helps you sleep better.

Features of the Blue Block coating

You may be thinking that you have to compromise on your lenses in order to avoid blue light. However, our Blue Block lens comes with a scratch-resistant hardcoat and anti-reflection to reduce glare. They also block harmful UV rays with a UV 400 rating.

As a side-effect of filtering out the blue light you will notice that the lenses have a very slight yellow hue – almost like a very pale tint – when you look through them. When you look at them from the front, they will have blue/purple reflections where the light hits them. You will not be able to see this while wearing them.

Our Blue Block coating is available on our full range of glasses, from our budget frames at to our designer frames at